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Computer Display Adapter ATI Graphic Card Nvidia Video Cards


Computer Display Adapter ATI Graphic Card Nvidia Video Cards

Before you run off to buy that graphics upgrade, you have to find out if your current system will be able to handle a new video graphic adapter card. Video card requirements have changed over the years, and older PC systems might not have the necessary hardware to be compatible with the latest video cards. Take a look at your system motherboard to see if it has an AGP or PCI Express card slot. Older systems have AGP card slots, but more recent systems have PCI Express card slots. If your system has a PCI Express slot, video card upgrade will be easy. All the latest video cards / graphic adapters use the PCI Express form factor. Your upgrade options will be much more limited if you find an AGP slot. You may want to consider upgrading to a PCI Express motherboard if you want to get the most powerful video and graphic card options. There are two major video card graphic adapter chipset  manufacturers, ATI that makes Radeon and Nvidia, the maker of GeForce chipset. Many board level manufacturers use these video chipsets video cards and video adapters. Gigabyte is one of the leading video card suppliers.

ATI video cards Radeon Graphic Display Adapters

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ATI Graphic Cards

Gigabyte Video Cards

Nvidia Video Card

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