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Computer Multimedia Peripherals PC Sound Cards Speakers Microphones


Multimedia components have been un-detachable parts of personal computers for many years. Whether a computer is used for gaming or for office applications, presentations, multimedia devices can create comprehensive audio visual effects for the modern age. The major multimedia components for personal computers include sound cards or sound adapters, PC speakers and PC microphones. From Amlink Computers, you can get large selections of multimedia components at deeply discounted prices. 

sound card sound blaster audigy 2 ZS retail box

Sound Card Sound Blaster Audige Value OEM

computer speaker boka subwoofer speakers


PC Multimedia Peripherals

Sound Card SB Audigy 2 ZS

PC Multimedia Peripheral

Sound Card Audigy Value

PC Multimedia Peripherals

Subwoofer Speakers Boka


computer speakers 180w generic amplified speaker

Creative Inspire Digital 5700 Speakers

Logitech Subwoofer Speakers R20 2.0

PC Multimedia Peripheral

Generic Amplified Speakers

PC Multimedia Peripheral

Creative 5700 Speaker Set

PC Multimedia Peripherals

Logitech R20 Speakers 2.0

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