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Computer Display Monitor CRT Monitors LCD Flat Panel Monitor


visual display units computer monitor LCD CRT

Computer display monitor, a visual display unit, is a piece of electrical equipment which displays images generated from the video output of computer systems, without producing a permanent record. Most newer monitors typically consist of a TFT LCD, with older monitors based around a cathode ray tube, or CRT. Almost all of the mainstream new monitors available on market now are LCD. The monitor comprises the display device, simple circuitry to generate and format a picture from video sent by the signals source, and usually an enclosure.

Within the signal source, e.g., a personal computer, there is a display adapter to generate video in format compatible with the visual display monitor. LCD is also called flat panel monitor.


Flat panel display monitors LCD monitor


computer display CRT monitor


Computer monitor LCD display Flat Panel monitors Plat Panel Display LCD Monitor


Computer monitor CRT monitors Traditional Display CRT Monitor

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