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Computer Ram PC Memory Module System Memory Sticks

Random Access Memory Computer Ram Memory Module PC Memory Sticks

Random access memory, or Ram in abbreviation, is the brain of a PC system. At each stage of PC computer development, a new generation of computer Ram memory module has been invented. There are many different types of computer Ram memory modules, representing not only different generations but also different memory chip speeds. The early generation of PC Ram memory was called SIMM DRAM, which had been gradually replaced first by DDR then DDR2 Ram memory. Laptop Ram memory module, often being called SODIMM, is also different from desktop memory in memory card pin configuration.

Upgrading PC system Ram memory is a common practice to keep computer up to the speed necessary for running certain new programs, applications and games. While computer technologies change rather rapidly, a particular type of memory modules may become obsolete in couple years. However, there are still plenty obsolete Ram for sale. You can find and buy computer memory modules that are outdated from many sources. Amlink Computers carries a variety of PC computer memory types so customers can upgrade memory without changing mainboards and CPU, including DDR Ram memory sticks,  DDR2 Ram memory cards and older generation of SDRAM, PC133 SIMM. We also carry a variety of notebook memory and laptop computer SODIMM memory, as well as external USB flash memory sticks. To buy memory sticks in volume, please call for wholesale prices on desktop computer ram memory module and notebook/laptop computer memory chips.


DDR RAM Memory Module

DDR 2 RAM Memory Module

PC133 SIMM SDRAM Memory Module

Computer Ram Memory Module Desktop Memory

DDR RAM Memory Module

Computer Ram Memory Module Desktop Memory

DDR 2 RAM Memory Module

Computer Ram Memory Module Desktop Memory

PC133 SIMM Memory Sticks

Ram for sale. Discount source for computer ram memory module, computer memory chips, desktop system memory, notebook laptop Ram memory. Buy memory sticks wholesale.

Memory Upgrade Laptop Ram Memory Notebook Computer SODIMM DDR

flash memory card USB flash memory  
Computer Ram Memory Module Notebook Memory


Computer Ram Memory Module External Memory Card

USB Flash Memory Stick

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