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Desktop PC Motherboard - System Mainboard For Intel and AMD CPU


Intel desktop pc motherboard AMD system mainboard

Motherboard, also being called system mainboard, acts as  command center in personal computer. Through a series of PC chipsets, a motherboard connects, retrieves, directs functions of all input output and operates hardware components such as processor, hard drive, video adapter etc. In the history personal computer development, motherboards have always evolved with central processor units. As Intel and AMD are two dominating PC processor manufacturer, the motherboard can be classified in two categories: motherboards for Intel processors and motherboards for AMD CPU.  With industrial experiences of nearly two decades, Amlink has chosen two most reliable brands as our major motherboard line, i.e., Gigabyte and Asus.


Desktop motherboards AMD mainboards Asus Gigabyte

Desktop Mainrboard Intel Motherboard Asus Gigabyte


Desktop motherboards AMD mainboards Asus Gigabyte Motherboard for AMD CPU

• Mainboard for Athlon II Processor

• Mainboards for Sempron Processor

• Mainboard for Phenom 2 Processor

Desktop Mainrboard Intel Motherboard Asus Gigabyte Mainboard for Intel CPU

• Motherboard for Celeron CPU

• Motherboard for Core 2 Duo CPU

• Motherboard for Core i3, i5, i7 CPU

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