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Desktop PC Hard Disk Drive ( HDD) - IDE SATA and Notebook Hard Drives


Desktop PC Hard Disk Drive HDDHard disk drives, or HDD can be categorized into internal hard disk, external hard drive, 3.5" desktop hard drive and 2.5" notebook hard drives. With development of system buses, HDD interface for PC hard disk drives has been changed  from original IDE  to faster ATA. The newest format of ATA interface is Serial ATA, or SATA in abbreviation. SATA hard disk drives have a burst data transfer speed comparable to SCSI hard drive that has been typically used in computer servers. Hard drive capacities, measured now in GB, are also increased constantly. The largest SATA hard disk drives now exceed TB in capacity. Considering price factor, 160GB hard drives, which was huge couple years ago, have almost become smallest capacity you want to buy in the market.


Internal HDD IDE Hard Disk Drive


Internal HDD Internal SATA Hard Disk Drive

Desktop Hard Disk Drives Notebook Hard Drive IDE Hard Disk Drive


Desktop Hard Disk Drives Notebook Hard Drive SATA Hard Disk Drive

Notebook HDD 2.5" Harddisk Drive Internal  

external hard drive USB hard disk

Hard Disk Internal Drives Harddisk HDD Notebook Hard Drive


Hard Disk Internal Drives Harddisk HDD External Hard Disk Drive

Seagate hard drive external

  hard disk drives
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